Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hoover Dam & Las Vegas

Bustling Las Vegas, lots of legal gambling and smell of smoke. Don't be fool over the cheap buffets as it is definately NOT on the strip. Lots of fancy hotels, very impressive sights of the shows and theme hotels put together. There were lots of walking so prepare yourself a real good shoes. You will definately need one. Our family really love it. Most of the hotel on the strip are not really family friendly. It is better to stay off the strip.

Hoover Dam took 5 years to build from 1931 till 1935 with the cost of USD 25 million. It was a major impact in the surrounding economy with lots of employment during the depression time. Besides it creates lots of growth opportunity in the surrounding environment. After the dam was built, the dam blockage of water created Lake Mead.

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