Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Visit to Vietnam July 17-21, 2007

Our visit to Vietnam was interesting but I
would rather try to avoid traveling during
the summer months if I could. The tempreture was so hot 39C or 102 F. But of course the highligt of the trip was
Halong Bay, which was declared by Unesco as the World Heritage Site in 1994. The scenary was really breathtaking. Although there were nice sea breeze but I can assured you it feels like sauna. The place can be floated with foreign visitors during the right time of the year. Vietnam has winter I was told. It could be as cold as 6C but without any snow. We came at the right time where fruit season was blooming everywhere. We tasted longan, lychees, mango, pineapple, dragon fruits and rambutan. Things are pretty cheap here as the exchange rates are USD1 to VND16,000. We can be treated like a king here.
Vietnamese cuisine are pretty similar to Chinese food so food wasn't a big deal. Lastly, it would be nice if we could speak a little Vietnamese as communication is rather difficult. Some of the people do understand some mandarin. It was really nice to have a new experience here.
PS. You are welcome to see more Kevin's picture on Vietnam at http://babyforshee.blogspot.com

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