Monday, February 18, 2008

Cambodia Visit 2008

Major Temples at Angkor:

ANGKOR WAT:Regarded as the supreme masterpiece of Khmer architecture, it is a huge pyramid temple built by Suryavarman II between 1113 and 1150. It is surrounded by a moat 570 feet wide and about four miles long. The mass of bas-relief carving is of the highest quality and the most beautifully executed in Angkor.

THE BAYON:A massive temple complex built by Jayavarman VII between 1181 and 1220. It features 3,936 feet of superb bas-relief carving and mysterious Buddha faces carved on the towers of the third level.

PREAH KO:An early temple at the Roluos site about 10 miles from Siem Reap. It was built by Indravarman I in the late ninth century.

PREAH KHAN:Built by Jayavarman VII in the late 12th century, this large temple is very well preserved and features excellent carvings.

TA PROHM:A very large temple complex enclosed by a moat. It is one of the most beautiful of the Khmer temples as it has not been restored, but has been left surrounded by jungle. It was built by Jayavarman VII in the later 12th century.

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